Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bill Endorses Obama

For student Rachel Niederer, 21, it was Obama's way with words that swayed her to his side.
"I love listening to his speeches," she said.

There are strong parallels between Barack Obama and Deval Patrick, the current Governor of Massachusetts. Both are affirmative action products of the Ivy League with no real experience outside of civil rights litigation, government work, and providing diversity in corporate boardrooms.

Both campaigns had/have a strong message of ‘change’ and ‘hope’. It is a powerful strategy when the electorate is broad, disenfranchised, and distracted. It can win.

The problem is that, if you win, you have to do the job.

Patrick made an ass of himself in the first few weeks, selling Romney’s Crown Victoria (‘the air-conditioner didn’t work’) and replacing it with a souped-up Cadillac DTS and some outrageously expensive drapes for his office with tax dollars. He was skewered in the press. Under fire, he claimed that his wife had some sort of mental breakdown and went into hiding. From his office’s statement:

‘‘…will work a flexible schedule for the next few weeks in order to spend more time with her and his family,’’
‘‘The family asks for the prayers and understanding of the public,’’
‘‘We also ask respect for the family’s privacy at this difficult time.’’

There are some jobs where you can’t fake it. The Presidency is a tough job in the good times. Given the fact that President Bush has saddled his successor with the looming downgrade of our national credit rating and an Iran that is on a mission from God, Number 44 is in for a rough ride. Even if he had a plan.

I’m ready for change.

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