Saturday, February 16, 2008

Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

My reading of James Madison’s Federalist 46 is that being armed goes beyond privilege, in many ways it is a responsibility for able-bodied men as de-facto members of the militia. Guns are still easy to get. Here’s some thoughts in case you’re in the market:


Handguns come in semi-automatic or revolver models. My preference is the semi-automatic pistol, which cycles bullets through the chamber by a combination of kickback and a spring. Some old-timers prefer revolvers, but they are not being rational. Semi-autos hold more rounds, have a simpler action, and can be reloaded more quickly.

If you are an able-bodied male, choose a 40 or 45-caliber pistol for its knock down power. If you are a female (other than Janet Reno), or a female may be the one to use the weapon, choose a 9mm.

People have a thing about Glocks, but I prefer the Smith and Wesson Military and Police line. In either case, the most important thing is that the weapon fits your hand comfortably.


Rifles are either single action, semi-automatic, or fully-automatic.

The government forbids you from owning a fully-automatic gun. I don’t see the point of a single action rifle other than maybe a safety issue with inexperienced shooters, or for marksmen or snipers working at long distances.

You can buy ‘dumbed-down’ semi-automatic military rifles at a dealer. The most common types are M-16 knock-offs and AK-47 knock-offs. All it takes is a driver’s license and a 5-minute background check in my area.

The military adopted the M-16 because it uses a smaller bullet (5.56mm) and has less resulting ‘muzzle-climb’ when fired in fully-automatic mode than the M-14, which uses a 7.62mm bullet. There is no reason whatsoever to purchase a 5.56mm knock-off because there is no muzzle climb in semi-auto mode.* People must like the look of the thing.

Buy an AK-47 knock off. They are cheaper and fire the more powerful 7.62mm bullet. You can buy the Romanian model for $350 or the Yugoslavian model for around $500. If you can afford the Yugoslavian model, it seems to be better made. The AK-47 is tried, true, and currently the weapon of choice in LA gang wars.

Take advantage of your 2nd Amendment rights; and I’ll argue your 2nd Amendment responsibilities. Ammo is good; more ammo is better.

*Update: Just saw a show that argues that the smaller bullet is better for killing people because the 7.62mm round punches straight through a body but the smaller caliber tumbles, tearing tissue. I’ll still stick with the bigger bullet.

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Dave said...

Read Black Hawk Down (book, not the movie). Delta snipers preferred the M-14's 7.62 round for it's sheer knock-down power. They didn't really care whether the target died/lived. They just wanted him DOWN.