Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Trip to School

The President has not been told ‘no’ many times in his life, and the trip to school was a defense mechanism. The President fielded questions from seven year olds. This is somewhat understandable because today was a pretty bad day for him.

But it has been only two weeks. It took the President’s friend Deval two months. The Presidency is a very, very tough job. It is much harder to be the President than it is to be a Governor. Governors can hide.

The first lady’s statement: "We got out! They let us out!", was telling, but wrong. “They” don’t go away. And they are not seven years old.

There are excerpts in case the link goes down:

The governor ‘‘will work a flexible schedule for the next few weeks in order to spend more time with her and his family,’’ according to a statement.

Aides to Patrick declined to say whether Diane Patrick had been hospitalized, or had suffered from depression or exhaustion in the past.

‘‘The family asks for the prayers and understanding of the public,’’ the statement read. ‘‘We also ask respect for the family’s privacy at this difficult time.’’

A partner at the Boston law firm Ropes & Gray, Diane Patrick, 55, said when her husband was elected last November that she intended to be more prominent publicly than previous gubernatorial spouses. But she acknowledged she was unsure how to balance the new demands with her legal career.

t/p: DevalPatrickWatch.com

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