Thursday, February 5, 2009


Glenn Beck is hitting his stride. I can relate with Glenn Beck. He talked about Mexico on the radio show today, and I didn’t really listen too closely. This post introduces my thoughts on the subject he brought up.

I’ve been to Mexico four times; once with a church group at an orphanage, twice as a cheesy tourist on a cruise ship, and once when I was stationed for a week at Camp Pendleton, making the run to Tijuana, where I saw my first bottle show (Why is this beer so expensive? Oh, I see.). I opted not to see the donkey show.

In a more recent experience, a friend of a friend got into an argument with a group of Mexican ‘youth’ about music styles, and they shot him. He is OK but the bullet is still lodged in his back. A former engineer, who I know of, was walking on mine tailings in Honduras, and was shot dead. I have a Honduran friend who warned me against going to Honduras.

Mexico is in trouble. Paul Chefurka has an excellent analysis of the oil side of the equation. Mexico has passed Peak Oil, tourism is drying up because of the security concerns, and the Western Union money transfers are drying up also.

Mexico will likely collapse. If it does, a flood of refugees will head north. This flood of refugees will encounter an American population that is suffering from severe economic problems, and is already weary from their failing hospitals, and state governments, and pension plans, that were not failing before 1986. This will test my First Theory of Multiculturalism, which goes as follows:

Diversity + Proximity – Resources = Problem

If there is a problem, the Commander in Chief, by the time it happens, will likely be a bitter man. This would be a volatile situation. I will credit Glenn Beck here and then adopt this term without further attribution: Global Katrina.

p.s. Testing: For some reason I am not able to link to Paul's web-site. The link does not work on my computer, perhaps it will work on yours. I hope I am not being blocked based on political differences because I respect Paul's work. You can cut and paste the address below the automatic link if the automatic link doesn't work for you.

excellent analysis

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