Friday, February 13, 2009

A Job Interview

I started out as a little fish in a big pond, and then I was a big fish in a little pond, and now find myself as a minnow in the Pacific Ocean on a new project of mine. And I will continue to flap my little minnow tail, and push forward on what I believe to be a very worthy cause.

There are positive aspects about being your own boss, but there are negative aspects as well. One of these is that you do not get a regular paycheck. Another is that, if you do not regularly interact with grown-ups, and live in the presence of children’s television, there is a statistically significant chance that you will go crazy. This blog is Exhibit A.

So this morning I went to a job interview for what could be a nice year-long contract job. Fancy hotel. I am there early and note that the only people in this fancy hotel, other than the employees, are the two ladies who will be interviewing me, and they are eating breakfast in the fancy restaurant. This appears to be a DBE staffing company, as the job involves a large federal project. I enjoyed the interview in any case.

Then more people came through the hotel. It was a school group. The hotel manager told the school group that he hired a particular employee because he was always smiling. This is the opposite of my experience. I do not trust men who are always smiling.

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