Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Adventures With Bill

I woke up this morning, alone. I hope I haven’t pissed her off too bad. She had cut out a coupon for a free sausage biscuit with the purchase of a large beverage at Tim Horton’s for me. It is on the table and I decide to use it.

I get to Tim Horton’s and can’t find the coupon that I had intended to use. So I buy a medium cup of coffee, and no food. But the idea of a morning sandwich is stuck in my head, and I know McDonald’s has a two Sausage McMuffins with Egg for $3 deal.

To the local McDonald’s. My mother used to sneak raw eggs into my morning milk-shakes, which I was informed of later, and there must be some neurological after effect that makes me like ‘folded’ eggs and not the standard eggs on the McDonalds McMuffin. So I ask for folded eggs on my two McMuffins. The man says that there are no substitutions on the two for three dollars deal.

I say, ‘thank you anyways’, and drive six mile to the next McDonalds, where they sell me two McMuffins for three dollars with folded eggs. These were very heavy and I wish that had only eaten the one sandwich at Tim Horton’s.

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