Saturday, January 24, 2009

What I Fear

"It is not only possible, but in fact the duty of everyone to state precisely what his knowledge and conscience compel him to say."
–Hyman Rickover

Part one of a four part series, the second part of which is ‘And Why I Don’t Really Fear This’, with the third part being ‘Why I Fear Something Scarier, So I Guess I'm Middle Class’, with the fourth and last part being ‘And Why I Don’t Really Fear That Either But Instead Believe That America Will Become a Hyperpower’.

This series is nothing other than speculation, and is intended to allow me to hone my predictive skills, using the ready access to information that the Internet provides. This series is for me and me alone, so please stop reading.

When presented with a speculative theory, I ask myself what the world would look like if this speculative theory were actually true. This is why I believe in Human Biodiversity. This is also why President Obama’s address to the Military Ball disturbed me.

So this particular speculative theory is that Obama surrounded himself by Marxists in college, they talked about belief systems that extended beyond what he expressed in his books, and that he would like to replace the United States Constitution with Communism.

He would recognize that there is an entrenched base of Americans, say 50 million, that would need to be suppressed or re-educated to pull this off. This base of Americans includes those who serve in the military. The military, and the oath they take, represents the biggest obstacle to the government entering a stage of Unconstitutional rule. Their oath is to the Constitution, not individuals.

This is why Obama’s address to the military ball disturbed me. It was the words, and the way they were spoken. Usually when the military is addressed, it is something like ‘I would like to thank the members of the military’, or ‘I would like to thank the officers and men of the military’, or something like that. Obama’s address was, paraphrasing from memory, something like:

‘I would like to thank the enlisted men, long pause, and junior officers.’

I hope I heard this wrong, or the audience contained only enlisted men and JOs and Obama was thinking only of the audience. Then I think back to the Bill Ayres ‘kill your parents’ line and a part of my mind wonders. I judge this intent to be too far-fetched to be true, but will be monitoring nonetheless.

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