Friday, January 9, 2009

Wanted: Venture Capital

This blog used to include technical research and discussions on a subject similar to the next one I will post. These discussions have ended even though I realize that politics would NEVER, EVER influence science or government permitting.

Nevertheless, my technical work on that particular subject continues, but in a different venue. It is going well and I am to the point where checks need to be written. I am looking for someone to cover my expenses, which I estimate to be $5,000/month, during the permitting process, estimated to be 2-3 years. My last venture was successful and we’re comfortable, but the family is growing, and you can probably guess what the wife thinks of spending our savings on something which is, admittedly, speculative.

But the upside of this speculation to the investor makes Michael Dell’s little venture seem like a lemonade stand. If anybody reads this, and wants more information, leave a contact e-mail. If I had eight figures sitting in the bank, I would go for my sales pitch.

I don’t think that many people read this blog, but am sending this out into the blogosphere nonetheless. I do have credentials, a good track record, work out of my garage these days, and you can trust me more than Madoff:)

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