Monday, January 26, 2009

Go Blago Go Go Go. Blago Be Good.

My first job outside the neighborhood was as a courier in the City of Chicago. I remember the first time a black person asked me for money. I said no and felt guilty about it for days. Eventually I got over my guilt and just kept walking when somebody asked me for a part of the sub-minimum wage which I was earning.

I am getting angry at all the smart people on the TV mocking Blago. Blago may very well be crazy, but his legal strategy is good, and based in the reality that is Chicago. The Chicago jury pool is 40% white, meaning that there will probably be seven non-white jurors. Of the remaining five jurors, two or three will be females.

The Blank Slate theory states that all human brains stopped evolving 30,000 years ago, and that our cultures then form our individual personalities and abilities. Under the Blank Slate theory, all injustices are then attributed to an oppressive culture, instead of biological differences. More than ten percent of the Chicago jury pool are big time believers in the Blank Slate theory.

I predict the Blago trial will end with a hung jury, and no jail time. Think I am being too tough of the jury pool? This is their elected representative . The Blago trial is a good example of why Abraham Lincoln judged that only productive males were qualified to sit on juries.

My preference would be for Blago to lose his job and then be acquitted. This way he would need money. The skankier his book, the more money the publisher will offer him for it. I hope his book is really, really skanky.

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