Sunday, January 11, 2009

Children's Television

I’m in that phase. The wife would still have them watching government TV, but I caught one ‘Berenstein Bears’ episode where there was the young bear who was portrayed as working obsessively at the lemonade stand. Then the grown-up bear explained that everybody is happier if he would back off a little on the time at the lemonade stand and share. The whole network is pretty bad.

So I’ve got them steered to the Wiggles. Which, pre-Disney, has no messages and is very good. Anyway, what a success story these guys are. They started off as a lounge act, then did the kiddie-transition, and got gigs at birthday parties, now they sell out large rooms all over the world at $100/seat. They sold out to Disney for God knows how much. Maybe I could get the Wiggles to bankroll my new venture. I picture my smiling face alongside them on the cover of Fortune Magazine.

But there may be side effects to total kiddie immersion for over a decade. These guys really seem to enjoy what they do. Murray Wiggle (red) has named his real-life son Hamish. I have never heard that name in my life. I hope it is a family name among the Cook’s and not a symptom of something worse. I like Murray.


Rivrdog said...

Hamish is a good Scots name.

Bill said...

That makes me happy for Murray. Thank you for the information Rivrdog.