Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adventures with Bill

So there I was:

1. A visit to the local engineering shop. Exclusively white people. The people talking technical are men in their twenties and thirties. The receptionist is an attractive female. A grumpy looking man, probably in his fifties, walks by. It appears that he has worked in that line of business his whole life. My mentor told me that, if I was to ever really believe what I was saying, it was time to take a vacation. That was engineering. Imagine how bad it is in politics and non-profits.

2. A trip to the mall for two tacos, which cost me $2.12. I pulled exactly twelve cents out of my pocket, which impressed both the cashier and me. I have a fear of people doing things to my food and keep an eye on the man preparing my tacos. They appear to be properly prepared though. They tasted good at least. The mall is very quiet. There are many immigrant men who appear to have nothing better to be doing on Tuesday afternoon than to check out model cars or walk around with omega females. I estimate that just over one half of the people in the mall are descendents of Europe.

3. Then, as a sociological experiment, I decide to check out Cabelas, and contrast the demographics of the shoppers. 100% white at Cabelas, although it too was quiet. There were probably as many lookers as there were employees. There was a guy with an army jacket on who I thought might have had an Asian girlfriend. After another pass, and a clearer look, she too was white, with dyed black hair. There are 23 checkout stations and 1 is open, with a person buying a plastic container for fishing flies.

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