Monday, December 22, 2008

Win Me Over Barack

The high falutin’ lifestyle kind of grates on me after the populist campaign, but to each his own. You have run on a platform designed to expand the Democratic tent to include people like me, but I don’t believe you. I can be won over though. A President, truly dedicated to the well-being of Americans taking home a paycheck would do the following:

1. Repeal NAFTA. Place 30% tariffs on foreign made cars and a 10% tariff of cars made by corporations with >40% foreign ownership.*

2. As we have growing unemployment, the need for new immigrants is gone. Temporarily suspend legal immigration and deport those here illegally. Enforce existing immigration laws and build a fence.

I sent President Bush $25 in 2004. If you do these two things, I’ll send you $50. Failure to act in the spirit of the above will make me think that the loyalty to your former Spiritual Advisor is stronger than your loyalty to the man working a 60-hr week trying to provide for his family.

*Ambrose Evans makes an excellent point. The theoretical argument that protectionist policies hurt the US in the 1930s is based on the fact that the US was the world’s biggest exporter back then. Retaliatory protectionist policies then hurt American exports. As we have morphed into the world’s biggest importer, warring protectionism would benefit the American worker and economy in 2009.

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