Sunday, December 7, 2008

American Institutions

I had a drugged out college acquaintance who majored in ‘American Institutions’. He had his own view of this field of study. There are many different types of American Institutions though.

This is an article that says that things are looking pretty bad and, the NY Times’ posturing withstanding, they are. But America, I believe, will emerge from this stronger than ever. One reason is the people I’ve worked with, in my little bubble, both in the military and those who drive around with a company sticker on their pickup truck.

There is strength there among those who do the work. These people are everywhere if you choose to look. They pay the taxes and know what is going on. A second reason is that North America is resource independent, probably the only place left in the world that is.

These national assets are preserved in part by American Institutions that remain strong. This building witnessed the birth of some good ones. Throw in founding documents that aren’t going anywhere, and America remains a great place to live for those capable of appreciating, earning, and perhaps defending, what it offers.

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