Saturday, November 22, 2008


So the President of Mexico directs the United States’ President-elect to maintain all of the unfair trade provisions of NAFTA that are driving industry out of America. If the treaty is to be negotiated, you see, Mexico will flood America with Mexicans who will climb any wall and jump any river to take Americans' jobs.

Boy, this kinda sounds like one of those challenges to the new American administration that Joe Biden had warned us about. Good thing we’ve elected a new President with a ‘steel spine’, I think we were promised something like that.

I can’t wait to see Barack’s response to this challenge to American sovereignty.

***Rubbing Temples *** Maybe he will say:

Hey Calderon. Fuck you, fuck NAFTA, and fuck those 20 million illegal immigrants as well as their anchor babies that do not qualify for American Citizenship under the 14th Amendment. My job is to stand behind American wage-earners, and in this time of economic turmoil, I intend to support domestic jobs by making sure American wages are paid only to American workers.

Mexicans illegally in my country have one month to voluntarily leave. After that, based on your statements, they will be considered individual threats to American national security. Records of recent Citizens of Mexican descent will be reviewed to ensure they are law-abiding, and not serving as a drain on the Treasury.

Or maybe he will just smile and perhaps chuckle.


By the way, workers make $3/day with no benefits in Central America. They are happy to have the work. $3/day would be a change.

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