Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Mind of Privilege

People in general tend to shy away from conflict. Persons born into privilege are able to avoid the daily interactions and interpersonal struggles that force conflict and teach us its lessons. This avoidance goes beyond interactions with others and extends to internal psychology.

The most comforting belief system for weak-minded people born into privilege is the one offered by the modern left. The human mind needs to remain active, and receives pleasure from positive feedback. Charitable giving makes all people feel good about themselves. The modern left offers privileged minds positive feedback through a similar mental mechanism.

On the level of personal interaction, these people also like to feel as if they are helping. But, since they more often than not, have little to offer, they have to fix in their mind that the people they are helping are stupider than they are. Which provides them a purpose as well as a calming self-superiority mechanism. Childless females are especially prone to this mindset because of their unfulfilled nurturing nature.

These people are irrelevant in oligarchies and dictatorships. In democracies, they are used as tools of the powerful.


Dave said...

Four profound paragraphs that articulate something I wish more folks understood.

Well played sir!

Bill said...

Thanks for the kind words Dave.

Anonymous said...

Your seething resentment is a sign of your insecurity about your own masculinity.