Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber, Meet Hank the Surgeon

America houses the world’s centers of medical excellence. This will end in the years to come as talented doctors move their practices to the Caribbean, where governments will welcome them open arms.

Here are some average salaries. You can figure that the good doctors, with their own practices, earn double or triple the typical $300,000 salary. These doctors would pay 39%, as well as another 12.5% as the social security cap is eliminated. Throw in 3% for Medicare, 8% for state, plus whatever else. That is approaching two-thirds of their earnings going to the government.

Universal healthcare will generate business for them as well. It will result in the importation of crappy doctors from the degree machines, and will ban expensive treatments and treatments for people established as ‘low-worth’.

Belize has some very nice beaches and friendly people. Their income tax rate can be zero, with the proper permits.

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