Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hey, Here's My First Bong!

I suspect that Barack’s trip to Hawaii was all about rummaging through his grandmother’s attic, looking for some record of a domestic birth. It is entirely possible that he does not know where he was born.

So let us suppose that nobody takes Obama to task over his birth certificate, and it turns out that he was born in Kenya, or cannot prove otherwise, and he ends up as President.

Obama would preside over a period of economic pain, and would be unable to make good on his promises. He will probably be seen as a Governor Blagojevich of Illinois , with a 13% approval rating, as his proposals fail one after another.

There will be organized political groups opposing Obama that will gain in power as his approval ratings fall. These groups would have a legitimate claim that the Executive Branch of the government was not Constitutionally seated and is illegitimate.

Early 21st Century American history will likely be far less interesting if Obama can produce an authentic birth certificate.

Keep looking Barry!

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