Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Fundamentally Flawed"

Self-government requires restraint and reflection, two characteristics not equally distributed throughout world populations. When offered self-governance, some groups , even in America, decline it.

In my opinion, the fundamental flaw of the Constitution was the failure to codify the voter eligibility that was in place in 1789. This omission is understandable, given the distrust that the States had for a new central government at the launch. But the omission led to a natural expansion of the electorate, from one of restraint and reflection, to one who wants goodies from the Treasury.

Obama's "fundamental flaw" is rooted in emotion, not logic. It is childish. This might just be his week.

And the electorate will gain access to the Treasury, and we will lose our national credit rating, and we will print our money to satisfy our entitlements and debts, and there will be inflation, and unknowable things will happen.

And after the smoke clears, as I have no desire to live under the Tyrant that Plato tells us will likely pick up the democratic pieces, I respectfully suggest that future voter eligibility be limited to those with:

 $10,000 or the future equivalent in domestic real estate equity; and
 federal tax payments of $1,000/yr or the future equivalent

The above criteria do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual deviancy, affection for furry rodents, or daytime television watching patterns. They simply describe a contributing Citizen, who is likely to possess restraint and reflection, and the capacity for self-governance.

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