Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Corruption and IQ

The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is generated by Transparency International, an organization dedicated to fighting government corruption. Here is their complete 2008 listing of countries from least corrupt to most corrupt. Listed below are the 10 least corrupt governments and the 10 most corrupt governments along with their national IQ score.

10 Least Corrupt Governments
Denmark; 98
New Zealand; 100
Sweden; 101
Singapore; 103
Finland; 97
Switzerland; 101
Iceland; 98
Netherlands; 102
Australia; 98
Canada; 100

10 Most Corrupt Governments
Congo; 65
Equatorial Guinea; 59
Chad; 69**
Guinea; 66
Sudan; 72
Afghanistan; 82**
Haiti; 67
Iraq; 87
Somalia; 67**

* No Easily Correlated Data
** Data averaged from surrounding countries

Conclusion: Government corruption is directly related to the intelligence of the population. Behavior rooted in reflection takes higher mental abilities than behavior rooted in sensation. This is why only high-IQ societies are capable of honest self-government.

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