Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Is Criminal

The Fed, an organization controlled by the same banks that originated bad loans and then transferred them to Freddie and Fannie, transferred $6 trillion of mortgage obligations to the US taxpayer in the F/F deal.

AIG insured an undisclosed percentage of the other $6 trillion in mortgage obligations. The Fed just ‘loaned’ AIG $85 billion in exchange for 80% of the exposure of those other $6 trillion in obligations.

That pretty much takes the banks off the hook for all of the bad loans, and transfers that exposure to you and me. We, by the way, cannot afford to make those obligations whole. As it is unlikely that federal revenues can be increased, and will probably decrease, the last option left is to inflate the currency. Gold-$780 is an excellent buy.

Isn’t it interesting that these deals are announced at night and on Sundays. Who gets to trade stocks at night and on Sundays? I can't.

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