Friday, September 5, 2008

Meet Elliot Grunewald


Anonymous said...

Wow, you need to check your sources. Elliot Grunewald is not a member of Stanford Faculty. I guess that you never went to University, because you wouldn't screw up that basic fact.

Then you complain about Elliot being wrong on a number of mainstream points. You back up your claim by saying that we'll have to extract it by [censored]. Brilliant intellectual argument! I'm sure you graduated high-school with that level of analysis!

Oops! And then you throw up some crappy economic analysis with out any sources! Fantastic!

You've really proved your point about Elliot!

Peckarsky said...

As well-written as this posting may or may not be, it is 100% incorrect about the author of the article, Elliot Grunewald. In fact, Mr. Grunewald is not faculty at Stanford, or at any other university, school or academic institution (and has never been). Considering how passionate the author of this blog is about the subject, it is a shame that he/she did not research the facts. It is hard to take any person seriously who mis-characterizes facts so freely so as to push his/her views. With this comment, I hope that readers may be aware of his/her inconsistencies and that the author takes his/her reporting more seriously.

Bill said...

I re-Googled Elliot and found that my posting on him came up prominently. As I don’t know him and do not want to give him an unfair internet identity, I have decided to take down this post. But I don’t like his paper. I think he is wrong.

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