Saturday, September 27, 2008

Indications of Late Term Democracy

1. There Was Not One Question on Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration will bankrupt our form of government. It is not because Hispanics are bad people; they are not. It is because they have an average IQ of 87, approximately one standard deviation lower than indigenous Americans. The societies they have set up in Guatemala and Honduras reflect the aggregate capabilities of their populations. Wages in these countries are $3/day.

Hispanic immigration has benefited business and ethnocentric interest groups, but is unsustainable, as Hispanic families, on average, cost the taxpayer money. It is estimated that low-skill households cost the taxpayers $25,000 per family, per year.

The fact that we are unable to discuss the impacts of illegal immigration in a Presidential debate is an indication.

2. Both Candidates Agree to Bail Out the Banks

It is true that the banks are victims of political correctness, but nonetheless they went along with the plan and deserve to get creamed. There is a valid argument that not writing a $700 billion check could cause an economic collapse. I don’t know if the President’s argument is made in good faith or if it is made on behalf of his Wall Street friends.

The bad indication is that, outside of some southern Senators, there is consensus on the bailout. In a healthy democracy, legislators would be fighting over a transfer of $700 billion (plus) to a bunch of bankers.

As this transfer would only delay things, cause inflation, and make the day of reckoning worse, Brick Oven advocates “collapse here, collapse now” for weak banks. We also advocate preparedness for the Citizen. This includes food security, financial security, and physical security.

Economic recessions are a natural human cycle. When a system is put in place to prevent recessions, depressions become the natural human cycle. Throw in universal suffrage, and bankruptcy is the result. This is what we are witnessing.

Here’s an idea, let’s let Iraq oil bail out the Wall Street banks. It can also reimburse the American taxpayer, while we’re at it. To interesting times.

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