Saturday, September 6, 2008

Georgia Revisited

Brick Oven postulated that the invasion of Georgia was a move by Russia to destroy the military ability to defend the land-bridge that connects Middle Eastern oil to the West. I stand by that premise. But the continued US-Russia bickering is confusing. It is very dangerous when people with guns in the immediate vicinity of each other are bickering.

Here is a theory, based on the assumption that Israel will hit Iran after the election. How would Israel route their aircraft? Over Iraqi airspace? Jews using a sovereign Muslim country’s airspace to kill Muslims? Shiite Muslims even. Sistani would go nuts, Iraq would explode, whatever is left of Bush’s legacy would be gone, and the PR would hinder follow-up strikes.

Georgia makes sense when you think about it. Route in the aircraft over international waters when the time comes. Once on station, Iran is just to the south. Refueling problems no more. Quick aircraft turn arounds. If you ‘Google Earth’ Tblisi International Airport (eastern-central Georgia), you find that, to the north of it, there is a military base, or at least a bunch of helicopters parked in what appears to be military formation.

I think the Russians bombed this facility in August. Check out how large the tarmac is for so few planes.

But it brings up the question: With the Georgian army destroyed, what would happen if Iran declared war on Georgia and invaded, with the silent support of Russia?

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