Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can't We All Get Along?

A journalist named Fatimah Ali has warned that the United States faces a;

‘full-fledged race and class war’

if the electorate does not install Barack Obama as President. I believe that this is because her ancestors evolved in a tribal environment. Her allegiances seem to be to her race and I believe that this has to do with DNA that has not been tested by the agricultural and industrial societies that have helped form the indigenous American DNA that helps us get along fairly well.

Fatimah seems to count lower-class whites among her ranks. I also attribute this to a brain that has not developed to modern Western standards. If she would look at prison populations, she would find that lower-class whites align themselves tightly by race.

I like to hang out with bikers from time to time at a blue-collar bar. Many of these bikers are struggling financially. Despite the fact that I have worked hard, had some success in my life, and am solidly middle-class, we all get along really well. I would go as far as to say that the bikers are less tolerant than most upper-class whites that I know.

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