Saturday, September 13, 2008

Admiral Hyman Rickover

This is the most amazing thing I’ve read on the Internet in two years. It is somewhat long.

Although Hyman Rickover would be disgusted with the state of the Country, he would be pleased to know that we have 2.1 trillion of the world’s 3.1 trillion barrels of oil shale deposits. That will give us a hundred plus year Mulligan.

Maybe someone thinks we deserve a second chance.

From the link:

"Another cause of declining civilization comes with pressure of population on available land. A point is reached where the land can no longer support both the people and their domestic animals. Horses and mules disappear first. Finally even the versatile water buffalo is displaced by man who is two and one half times as efficient an energy converter as are draft animals. It must always be remembered that while domestic animals and agricultural machines increase productivity per man, maximum productivity per acre is achieved only by intensive manual cultivation."

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