Thursday, August 21, 2008

“[They Will] Make Me Out To Be a Risky, Scary Guy.”

I’ve noticed a new weapon in the PC wars. People who noted human biodiversity used to be called ‘ignorant’ by the left. Post-Reverend Wright, the left has changed its word to belittle talk of human biodiversity to ‘being scared’. The good old ‘they’ is still hanging around though.

I think it is a positive step forward for an honest talk on race relations in this country. I think that Obama’s candidacy is healthy for America-2008.

Reviewing Freud as an amateur, I believe that the new ‘scared’ line is actually a Level 2 Defense Mechanism (fantasy, projection, passive aggression, acting out). Quoting Wiki:

These are the so-called "immature" defenses and overuse almost always lead to serious problems in a person's ability to cope effectively.

I think President Bush has this too, to be fair to Obama. Come to think of it, so does McCain. The Secretary of State is a clear Level 1. Notice how Russian leadership does not seem to have this problem.

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