Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Solar Power

Hey Vlad, didn’t you get the memo about the New World Order? You are supposed to be importing southern peoples to destabilize social order and lower wages, not subjugate southern peoples and take their stuff.”

Putin is brilliant. He is now in the position to use Iran as a proxy to close the Strait of Hormuz, when the Iran-nuclear issue comes to a head. The stability of the West is entirely dependent on the Strait of Hormuz and the Georgia land-bridge.

A friendly reminder about financial security, food security, and physical security. Don’t expect your government to provide it for you.

In light of this, Bill’s research project this week will be the viability of solar power. My initial impression is that solar is not going to be a large part of the solution because thermal efficiency is dependent upon the difference in temperature between the heat source (hot part) and heat sink (cold part), which is probably relatively small in a solar panel. We’ll see.

That, and it takes nerve for the Columbia University Law Graduate-President of Georgia to sue Russia after the war. Are Columbia grads that out-of-it? Putin is going to kill him. Putin led this war from the front after the picture.

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