Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Russians Don’t Take a Dump, Son, Without a Plan

Glenn Beck is a good analyst. He had an oil exec on Friday and it was a pretty good show. The oil exec referred viewers to the National Petroleum Council’s report. You can Google it. It is pretty good. But it is flawed.

It makes the assumption that the global supply of oil will continue to be freely traded. This is a fatal assumption because as oil becomes more scarce, countries will nationalize their oil supplies. This is why we should not drill for our oil now.

The National Petroleum Council graphic above illustrates where the oil is supposed to come from. It also illustrates why Russia may be fighting tonight. Russia has used oil as a weapon against the former Soviet states, and will not hesitate to use it against the West.

They control their own reserves. If they control Georgia, they then cut off the land link between Middle Eastern oil and the West. Submarines could handle the rest. George Bush is playing girls volleyball. Notice how Vlad didn’t get his picture taken playing girls volleyball.

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