Saturday, August 2, 2008

Response to Comments

My respect for Katherine came after she pistol-whipped Publius on the FISA-Obama issue. I admire her passion and commitment to her belief system. I did not suggest that she would be a sex-slave under the NAMOLDI Construct. I suggested that she would be an arranged wife. The goal was for her and others to study the texts of Islam.

The NAMOLDI (North American Muslims of Latter-Day Imams) Construct
Hitler wanted Germany to be Islamic so he could consolidate power. There are elements in the EU that I judge to have the same intentions. Some people think that an Islamic Europe would look Arab, these people are wrong. An Islamic Europe would look like Sweden. An Islamic Europe would probably cause Saudi Arabia to look like Sweden. That was Hitler’s vision, and there is good reason to think he was (will be?) correct.

The NAMOLDI Construct was intended to mock Western liberals who are coddling Islam.

‘Tweeking’ (with an ‘e’)
The comment that got me banned included the words:
“…if deemed appropriate, to learn to pick at these tweeks.”

Phil earned this distinction for reasons previously stated. Hilzoy ‘jumped the shark’ when she called me sexually deprived (I don’t want to go into detail, but I’m not, by the way). I try to be respectful to Hilzoy. I will not respond to Phil.

If defending an opposing idea is a distraction, then I’m occasionally guilty of that. I’d argue that distractions are healthy.


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