Friday, August 29, 2008

New Respect for John McCain

Brilliant plan, brilliant execution, brilliant choice.

Brilliant Plan

Obama’s text message thing on Friday, oops I meant 10am Saturday, oops I really meant 3am, oops it got leaked to the press early was juvenile.

McCain used the various news outlets to spread rumors and kept himself above the fray and in the news during the Democratic convention. His message to Obama was classy.

Obama gave a pretty good speech (if you didn’t notice that his eyes were 20 degrees up and 45 degrees to the left or right, reading off of teleprompters during substance, this drove me nuts, check it out). The speech was at 10:30pm and was out of the news cycle when people woke up.

Brilliant Execution

John McCain kept the secret. Intrade bought the fakes. No leaks. His operational security allowed him to command the morning news cycle.

Brilliant Choice

1. The morning after Obama was talking about taking AK-47s away from the criminals who are not allowed to have them in the first place; there is a video of Palin firing an M-16. It was enough to give a gun nut like me goose bumps; Solidify Conservative Base.
2. She will bring over an unknown number of female voters just because of her gender. She is relatively immune from criticism because if she is criticized, the ugly female vote will swing hard victim; Win Women’s Vote.
3. #2 neuters Biden in the Vice Presidential debate; Win Debate.
4. Her son is an enlisted infantryman in the Army. People are sick of politican’s sons’ being military reporters and lawyers, earning their ‘war veteran’ status as REMFs. This will compliment McCain’s son’s service well; Win Working Class.
5. Former Ms. Alaska turned head-cracker with five kids. I don't think she's lost her looks; Win Win Win.

Good move, Senator McCain.


GovtFlu said...

The party masters will be impressed with your nonobjective praise for a political nobody under investigation. Yeah I know, thinking for yourself is against party rules, and being an objective American takes a back seat to being a canted party lackey.

The 2-party DC Mafia are both epic failures, neither remotely deserve to be REWARDED by retaining power. They have the "Divide & conquer" thing down to a science, gutless Americans too afraid to vote 3rd party and actually punish incompetent govt.. which 1930s European nation was it where people blindly followed the party masters for the fathe, I mean homeland?

Anyone who loves the USA should be violently ill at the thought of the GOP/DNC keeping power.

Bill said...

Thanks for the comment govtflu;

Removing campaign contribution limits would do it, which is exactly why they won’t be removed. This has the potential to be an ugly century. It is a real shame.