Sunday, August 17, 2008

Celebrating Diversity

"Some groups are essentially organized crime families, while others concentrate on racist ideology. But they all contribute to a prison world that is divided by race and largely ruled by violence. Even for a new inmate uninterested in racist ideology, it is often a matter of survival to join up with one or another gang. Failing that, many weaker inmates fall prey to rape, extortion and violence from those around them."
– The heros at Southern Poverty Law Center

Kind of sounds like, um, the Balkins?

I thought John McCain did well in the debate last night. If he continues to do well, expect Obama to start acting huffy. These instances will be referred to as Nicholas Cage Moments (NCMs). If Obama really blows up, like if somebody photographs him smoking a cigarette, that will be defined as a Jack Nicholson Moment (JNM). We’ll track these as the election progresses.

MSNBC did very little coverage after the debates last night and I don’t know why. Instead they did a special on Corcoran Prison and focused on, really ironically, race wars in prison. I did not know that prisons are segregated according to race. When people go the common area urinal, they have two same-race prisoners to guard him. Diversity and close quarters seem to lead to violence.

Kind of makes you wonder what would happen in the cities in the case of a government break-down, where diversity and close quarters already lead to violence (in the good times). Hopefully everybody will celebrate diversity.

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