Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Plan

I whine too much. In place of whining, this post presents a plan. I do not believe that our current form of government is capable of executing this plan, but the next one might be looking for ideas.

1. Immediately begin work on 150 nuclear power plants. Locate them on existing federal lands. Arrest and deport people who protest.
2. Electrify the nation’s railways.
3. Seize all of the islands in the Persian Gulf and lay claim to the underlying oil.
4. Build airbases on the islands and sink anything that comes close. Respond to attacks by laying claim to and taking oil in the sand.
5. Place a 20% tariff on all imported goods.
6. Deport all illegal immigrants and their children.
7. End welfare and make future social spending unconstitutional for government entities.
8. Limit voting rights to those Citizens holding $10,000 worth of American real estate equity.
9. Declare Islam a 'corrupt organization' in accordance with the RICO Statutes.

Think this is mean-spirited? I think it beats the likely alternative.

1 comment:

George said...

#1 has been tested, France did this in the 70's, and has had a surplus of electric power ever since.

#2 has also already been done in France and most of Europe. BTW, a light-rail car can be run on BATTERIES: the Germans did this in Frankfurt 40 years ago.

#9 has been done by the government to almost every other type of organization imaginable, so why not a corrupt belief system?