Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet the Fannie Mae Directors

Brenda Gaines graduated with a degree in government work from a third-tier university. Following graduation she went to work for the City of Chicago where she seemed to specialize in giving away city housing benefits. She also has experience giving away federal housing benefits.

Corporate America then snapped Ms. Gaines up, where she excelled at satisfying EEOC requirements and providing diversity for corporate photographs. She was placed in support positions and then managed a credit card outfit under the supervision of Citibank. I am unable to find any financial results from Diner’s Club during her tenure.

Between her oversight activities as Fannie Mae Director, the organization that raised its percentage of new mortgage exposure from 37% to 70% in the last two years, and the other corporate boards on which she sits, she is willing to give you a speech. Honorarium requirements are not disclosed.

She has too many plaques, certificates, ribbons, and awards to list here. She occupied a position that was supposed to say 'no'.

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