Sunday, July 6, 2008

Food Aid

‘Industrialized Countries’ is PC for countries with high IQ indigenous people. Population numbers of indigenous natives in these countries are steady or slowly falling. These indigenous natives are acting responsibly.

The rest of the world is adding 75 million people per year to the earth and is (surprise!) finding it difficult to feed everybody. This is of course the problem of the responsible people of the world.

The responsible people of the world should take the following two moral positions:

1. Self-sufficient families should be able to have as many children as they please.
2. Food aid to dependent people should be tied to mandatory sterilization after the birth of the first child.

The alternative to this sensible policy is warfare and famine. But since Robert Zoellick does not have the strength or foresight to insist on these simple moral positions, warfare and famine is what we’ll get.

Add Robert Zoellick’s name to the list.

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George said...

Plus, the vast amount of food aid the industrialized nations gives winds up as a political gift to the politically pliable/reliable from the juntas running those receiving nations.

Our food aid winds up keeping dictators like Mugabe alive and dictating.