Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wine Review: Wal Mart

All in all a great Saturday. Watched the City Attorney yield to the demands of the cutie management consultant and draw the cover of a magazine that he would like to see in ten years. His boss, the Mayor, is now a United States Senator on the City Attorney’s cover. The City Attorney thought the exercise was great. The Mayor bought it.

Turned in a letter defending an unfairly targeted man.

Got pissed off at a towing company who thought that they knew what was best for me and is now trying to charge me $20 for storage.

Met with an old friend, presented him with some good work, and got another job.

Drank beer with a truck driver.

I used to buy $15-$20 bottles of wine. None of them are better than this $1.97 stuff they sell at Wal Mart. They charge $2.99 for the same ‘Oak Leaf’ brand back east; which is a reasonable shipping charge.

Two and a half stars is good enough for me. $1.97 and a free sunset makes for a great evening.

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