Saturday, June 7, 2008

Community Organizer, Part 2

Jefferson is a fictional town. This is a fictional blog.

Welcome back. Please make sure your weapons are unloaded and point them at the ground. Military units through the ages in all civilized countries have ‘formed up’, or arranged themselves in ranks. The reasons for this are safety, ease of communication, the ability to group skills and equipment, a sense of camaderie, and a sense of order. We will do the same at the beginning of each training session.

So, please line up with each fire team standing side-by-side, each man one pace apart, as I am doing with my two assistants. Arrange your fire teams three-deep. Very good, you are now in a military formation. Your formations of three fire teams are what we will call your squad. Following training, please select from among yourselves squad and fireteam leaders.

There are two threats that we will prepare for:

(1) Disorganized threats, such as beggars and drifters. Jefferson does not have the resources to accommodate refugees and these persons must be turned away. All exceptions shall be approved by the Chairman. It is possible that these persons will be desperate and potentially violent. The Sentinel should direct these people to seek aid at Madison City Hall or to forage for food along the river upsteam of Jefferson. If the Sentinel senses a threat, fire three shots as both a warning and to signal the Distress Call.
(2) Organized threats, such as an approaching mob. It is anticipated that there would be advanced warning of an organized threat. Assuming advanced warning, we would muster and then deploy our forces along the tree lines in accordance with the planning that we will practice this afternoon. There have been stop signs posted 100 yards in front of the Sentinels. Threatening groups passing these signs or bypassing the Checkpoints would be considered an open enemy. In the case of no advanced warning, rely on your training and muster directly to your deployment station.

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