Friday, May 2, 2008

One Hundred Billion

It seems the Government is printing $137 billion every two weeks now. In comparison, the ‘War on Terror’ costs around $4 billion every two weeks. $137 billion from Bloomberg:

The $137 billion every two weeks is roughly equal to the value of the unfunded promises that the government continues to make to the Citizenry though. Dr. Evil only wanted $100 billion and that was a one-time shot.

It’s probably hard for most people to understand what a small business owner feels as he holds a weekly meeting and has his crew sitting around the table. He thinks lots of things, one of which is how many dollars are flowing out of his wallet every minute his workers are sitting idle.

Small business owners understand how expensive people are. A democratic government understands how to get re-elected. The two understandings are different. The winner is unsustainable.

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