Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Miracle of Life

This is a tree limb that was blocking the sun from parts of my garden. I chopped it down last spring. I was very proud of my ability to get it to fall exactly where I wanted it to fall.

This tree limb has sprouted new shoots immediately below where I cut it last year. Imagine how many life cycles had to transpire in order for my tree to know to grow sprouts below a cut. I find it amazing. There are no sprouts on the limb that was not cut, just the cut limbs.

I suspect this trait has been bred into my tree because it senses that there is surplus light where the old limb used to be and it senses a need to keep itself balanced for structural reasons.

However, unfortunately for my tree, I sense a need to keep my potatoes exposed to sunlight. When these sprouts get bigger, I will cut them off and burn them in my brick oven, using the energy they contain to cook food.

Sucks to be a tree.

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