Saturday, May 31, 2008

General Order #1

Jefferson is a fictional town. This is a fictional blog.

General Order 1: Agricultural Easements

Agricultural Easements (AEs) are hereby declared over the following common areas:

(1) Churchyard X
(2) Land Sanctuary Y
(3) Park Z

Useable land in these areas shall be divided into 10-acre lots and made available for agricultural production immediately. These parcels shall be let ‘first come first serve’ for one year. Following that year, they shall be subject to a competitive bidding process.

Private landowners with over five acres of fertile land shall grant an AE over their lands, excepting two acres. The affected landowner shall receive one half of all net revenues derived from his land. These AEs shall expire after five years, unless extended by the Council. The Chairman shall nominate tenders of lands under private easement, who shall be approved by the Council. Homeowners retain the right to tend their own land.

Trees shading productive lands are subject to removal at the discretion of the Chairman.

No produce generated within AEs may leave Jefferson.

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