Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The ability to organize and manage machinery has given American farmers an advantage over their counterparts.

There are 10 million ‘official’ people in Los Angeles, who are completely dependent on liquid fuels to put food in their mouths. I’m going to estimate that 60%-70% of them are also dependent on government funds to put that food in their mouths. It takes probably 60 thousand square miles to sustain that biomass.

Human beings are the most dangerous animals on earth, despite what children’s television tells us. Peak oil will remove the ability to feed population centers by driving up transportation costs. The migration to cities that happened in the 20th Century will be violently reversed. Due to the jump in population, people will have to compete for the land.

Land was the currency of the 1800s (‘my 40 acres’, ‘bought the farm’, etc.), money was the currency of the 1900s, compassion was the currency of Bush’s second inaugural, oil will be the currency in 2112, and land will then once again become the currency.

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