Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bloomberg Makes Sense

Bloomberg has a good article on the World Bank. I believe that the World Bank is an arm of those people who would like to remove the concept of nation-states. Bloomberg details how 3rd World countries were convinced to drop import tariffs in exchange for money.

I have a large garden and it costs me more to grow my own food than it does to buy it in bulk at Costco. Same thing for local farmers in the 3rd World, when the gas was cheap. Honduras now imports 83% of its food.

From its actions, it appears that the World Bank does not recognize human biodiversity. They’ve been able to feel good about themselves for decades now. People are now getting hungry in 3rd World Countries with the rise in transportation and fertilizer prices. This is in large part due to the World Bank.

In the end, the World Bank will be responsible for more human misery than the Nazis. And they still feel good about themselves. I’ll keep my garden.

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