Thursday, April 10, 2008

Latin America and Globalization

Societies run more efficiently with an underclass that is forced to work to survive. We had one version of this before the Great Society programs. The Founding Fathers established what was probably the fairest system of government in all of history. We’re trying another version now by allowing waves of unskilled immigrants to settle. But this version is failing because of the presence of generous welfare benefits. Wages in Guatemala are $3/day and food stamp benefits in America are ~$10/day.

The goal of the globalists is to break our Treasury and replace our form of government with something similar to the Latin American model. Paramilitary forces are nothing more than an efficient way to impose the will of the ruling class. Liberals do not understand that under the system they are facilitating, the people they pretend to care about would be enslaved.

I don’t think the globalists will succeed though. Washington had no historical precedent and only 2,000 men at the end of 1776. America today has probably thirty million armed men who care about their freedoms. The standing army would most likely side against the globalists. We have the original Constitution and Bill of Rights to fall back upon. Nothing will change until the money runs out, but my vote this fall will be for the Constitution Party.

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