Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Book Review: Problems Facing Our Socialism, by Barack H. Obama

Problems Facing Our Socialism is a short work written by the Harvard-trained father of our current Presidential candidate. He provides deep social commentary on 1965 Kenyan politics, two years after abandoning his namesake son:

“Can one deny that the African, while not pleased with the system, did not covet the high place given the European or Asian?”

Mr. Obama is sensitive to the skin color of Kenya’s entrepreneurs:

“One need not be a Kenyan to note that nearly all commercial enterprises from small shops in River Road to big shops in Government Road and that industries in the Industrial Areas of Nairobi are mostly owned by Asians and Europeans.”

And provides a solution:

“How then can we say that we are going to be indiscriminant in rectifying these imbalances? We have to give the African his place…”

Obama Sr. held high government positions for a while, was demoted to a position in a Kenyan water department, which he lost. He died a drunk. He was the father of eight children by four different wives.

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