Friday, March 21, 2008


Only one camp expressed outrage.

Now why would a local Chicago politician and community organizer, whose wife still complains about the family finances, need to travel internationally during his rise to power?

Perhaps he was a B-list public figure to showcase charitable works in Africa.

Perhaps he wanted to take the family to see the land of the ancestors.

Perhaps it had something to do with the $3.5 million that Auchi (Iraq) lent to Rezko (Syria) that helped finance Obama’s $1.95 million home.

International travel records for government officials should be public information, just like financial disclosures. If I’m right, the State Department passport information would include dates and ports of entry back into the United States. Information on third world visits would be limited to stamps on Obama’s passport.

If he is asked to volunteer his passport in the dialog to come, I predict that he will claim that it is lost or stolen.

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