Monday, March 31, 2008

Combination: Investments IV & Movie Review – Francis Ford Copolla

It was a Godfather marathon weekend on some TV channel and my lifetime counter for watching the first two movies clicked from probably twenty-seven to twenty-nine. Copolla’s work is brilliant and each time I re-watch those films, I see some subtle human dynamic that I had previously missed. Apocolypse Now is another example of his genius.

Copolla’s mind is a national human treasure. He understands people. Copolla has invested heavily in the Central American country of Belize. I believe he is smart there as well.

English is the language of order, and there is more English spoken at the Belize City airport than in any US airport I can think of. The Queen of England is Chief-of-State, giving England’s court system jurisdiction over the country. Copolla holds free Title to his real estate investments, and Belizean Title seems to be more secure than its American equivalent.

Belize’s dollar is pegged to the US dollar, so the dollar value of Belizean commodities (land) has gone up in the global marketplace, although the markets have not yet fully adjusted for this. Belize is an oil exporter and the kids all wear uniforms to school.

Taxes for executives in Commercial Free Zones are zero and the small Country is served by two deep-water ports. When health care is nationalized in the States, expect the world’s center of medical excellence to relocate to the Caribbean.

Investment recommendation: Belizean Real Estate.

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