Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Modern Left

Demi Moore throws a birthday party for Ashton Kutcher at an exclusive (root: exclude) $2 million New York lounge called Socialista (root: militant socialism), owned by Sting’s wife and Harvey Weinstein. The ground floor is a ‘peasant-style’ cafĂ©. There is a $600 per table minimum.

The doorman, Armin Amiri, was asked about the name on May 1st, 2007:

“What socialism really means is, I give you this and you give me that.”

“No one really makes an effort to dress up, or makes an effort to be different, to go out—they just basically feel that if you’ve got a Black AmEx, you’re just basically the shit.”

“I saw it and I just saw Cuba,”

“What’s great is, I envisioned this, and it’s here now—and that’s a beautiful process of imagination. It’s the same process as with acting.”

Later Mr. Amiri admitted he had never been to Cuba. All the guests in early February were exposed to Hepatitis by an immigrant with dirty fingers. The list includes Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, and Salma Hayek.

Meet Mr. Amiri, who has announced that he is taking on new Clients:

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