Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Investments II-Gold

King Priam’s ransom to Achilles for Hector’s dead body included ten bars of gold. All currencies since then that have not been tied to gold eventually fail. Ours in on it’s way due to the trade imbalance and unstable social spending. Precious metals are still a solid investment, even at gold $950/oz, but the easy money has been made.

People argue about holding bullion vs. some paper security. Choose bullion, you’ll pay a $30/oz. or so premium but you physically control the asset, unlike some fund or a mining company.

US Mint coins include the Buffalo and American Eagle. The Buffalo is purer gold but the American Eagle contains alloys which make it more durable. Buy the Buffalo. If things ever get bad, it would be easier to cut Buffalos into pieces for everyday commerce.

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