Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Taxing Merit

Single mother of four celebrates first grandchild at 29 years of age.

These women make no contribution to our society. They are a tremendous burden. Sixty-five percent of the Federal budget goes to entitlement programs for people unable or unwilling to provide for themselves. Local governments are strapped. Hospitals are taking it in the gut. That money will run out within ten years. Portions of our society will just collapse. It’s just math.

The brilliance of the Globalists is that they have fractured the Proletariat. A European-style uprising is now impossible. Mexicans and Blacks are competing for the same dollars and will be at odds. They resent each other. Working class whites will default ethnocentric. Motorcycle gangs (ones with Swastikas on the leather) at the bar I occasion mandate that members own handguns. I learned this last month.

The Spartans did something similar to subjugate the 90% of the population that was non-Spartan. It worked for hundreds of years.

The Spartans died off from 10,000 card carriers to 1,000 card carriers and were then conquered by the Romans. But then again the Spartans did not have the ability to implant Spartan embryos in Helots.

Orwell predicted the state-inspired patriotic act of goodsex. He didn’t envision the ability to mass-produce Tom Bradys.

“Will carry Spartan embryo to term for food”.

The Spartans would be in power today if they had had that ability. It will eventually happen because it is logical from a civilizational standpoint, just a question of who and when.

Update: The Natives are getting restless:


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