Sunday, November 18, 2007

This Is Utter Bullshit

"As the waters are growing more acid this process is decreasing, with incalculable consequences for the life of the seas, and for the fisheries on which a billion of the world's people depend for protein. Every single species that uses calcium in this way, that has so far been studied, has been found to be affected. And the seas are most acid near the surface, where most of their life is concentrated."

--A World Dying, But Can We Unite to Save It?:

They are making an argument that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will lead to increased levels of carbonic acid in the world’s oceans. Carbonic acid is formed at the interface of carbon dioxide and water. One of the oxygen molecules seperates from the CO, creating carbonic acid. Sounds scary.

But carbonic acid is unstable and quickly breaks down into CO2 gas and water. Even in something as small as a raindrop, only the very surface of the drop is effected. I’ve personally reserved judgment on ‘global warming’. If this is the standard the UN sets for ‘science’, its pretty clear that the whole deal is nothing more than a socialist money grab. They are lying and they know it.

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