Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Trip to a Senator's Office

A petition for redress of grievances datapoint:

I went to visit my Senator’s branch office today to meet with my ‘Regional Representative’. He was talking with a friend on the phone when I stepped into his doorway and said ‘knock, knock’. I introduced myself and we made 30 seconds of niceties.

When asked about the Senator’s position on the pending immigration legislation, the Regional Representative looked sort of scared as he explained that the Senator hadn’t made any decisions yet and was thinking about things. His hands were busy with a pen. He’ll hand my letter to the Senator. She reads them all.

My Senator is on the Finance Committee and I asked about Senator Coburn’s estimate of $3 trillion in annual unfunded liabilities in Medicare and Medicaid. The Representative looked confused, pulled out a yellow sticky, and wrote the figure $3 trillion a year. Question mark. He’ll ask.

When asked about the Senator’s availability to meet with constituents, nobody had ever requested that and the Senator is very busy.

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